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For Doctors  



Like most doctors in general practice I was very reluctant to treat patients with obesity. The main reasons were a lack of motivation which was directly related to minimal results after numerous attempts at losing weight and the affect of low calorie diets on the mind and body.

I was introduced to Dr Simeons’ weight loss protocol in 2003 and has helped hundreds of patients to successfully loose weight and maintain your desired goals. As a result of all the positive feedback and success stories, I gained as much information as possible and attended every congress on the subject of hCG and obesity.

In 2009 I attended an international congress in Mexico held by Dr Daniel Bellucio and met fellow doctors all over the world who had similar success stories to share. That made me even more positive about this revolutionary weight loss protocol that was introduced to the world by Dr ATW Simeons (to read original manuscript go to www.pounds-and-inches.com)

I work closely with a dietitian to ensure that all supplements and meal replacement shakes are properly researched and manufactured.

If you as a medical practitioner is interested in offering your patients the Reshape programme you can call me on 011 467 3727 or 071 684 3931

Or alternatively send me a email on clinic@reshape.co.za


Dr Thys Heyns



Reshape is a weight loss programme that primarily focuses on fat loss. By using Lipolylic in combination with a very low calorie diet you will loose up to 30% more abnormally stored fat as opposed to a reduced calorie diet on its own.

Our tranquil environment lends itself to a stress free experience. The combination of the medication and the specially formulated eating plan will trigger the body to tap into your abnormal fat stores as a source of energy.
Tel No.: 011 467 3727



Cell No.: 071 684 3931


Email: clinic@reshape.co.za

Physical Address: 9 Dove Drive, Norscot Slopes, Fourways

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